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O Bento Delivery

Select O Bento Menus Price per set Quantity/set
(B1) Saba Shio 225 Baht
(B2) Saba Steak 225 Baht
(B3) Salmon Shio 225 Baht
(B4) Salmon Steak 225 Baht
(B5) Ebi Fried 225 Baht
(B6) Hire Katsu 225 Baht
(B7) Tonkatsu Rosl 225 Baht
(B8) Tori Karaage 225 Baht
(B9) Buta Shouga 225 Baht
(B10) Saba Miso Ni 225 Baht
(B11) Sushi 225 Baht
(B12) Menchi Katsu 225 Baht
(B13) Tempura Mori 225 Baht
(B14) Kaki Friend 225 Baht
(B15) Makunouchi 225 Baht
(B16) Hambaagu 225 Baht
(B17) Onigiri, Yakisoba 225 Baht
(B18) Yakiniku 225 Baht
(B19) Mix Friend 225 Baht
(B20) Tori Teriyaki 225 Baht
(D1) Sauce Katsu Don 150 Baht
(D2) Katsu Curry Rice 220 Baht
(D3) Saba Teri Don 150 Baht
(D4) Tori Soboro Don 150 Baht
(D5) Oyako Don 150 Baht
(D6) Katsu Don 150 Baht
(D7) Curry Rice 180 Baht
(P1) Gyuusaikoro Steak 400 Baht
(P2) Unagi Kabayaki 650 Baht
(P3) Gindara Teriyaki 650 Baht
(L1) Salmon Shio/Teri Yaki 320 Baht
(L2) Saba Shio/Teri Yaki 275 Baht
(L3) Makunouchi 275 Baht
(L4) Buta Shouga 255 Baht
(L5) Buta Yakinku 255 Baht
(L6) Salmon Nitsuke 320 Baht

Wood Box Plastic Box

* Free!! Miso Soup for all bento order
* The Price not include Vat. 7%
* Please place your order at least one day before the intended date of delivery we will send the bento confirmation to your e-mail within the same date of ordering.
* Same day deliveries please kindly contact 038 448 111 ext 0.
* Free Delivery Only in Amata Nakorn area and surrounding. The value of order must be over 1000 baht or on the delivery routine path.

Tel : 038 448 111 ext 0, E-Mail : tsubaki.partyrestaurant@yahoo.com
To be delivery 11.30 am – 12.00 am Cash term only

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